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Metal Shed

With our cheap monthly payment plan on the value line series you can store your stuff for less than mini storage. No more hassle of running across town. Just open the door of your quality structure on your own back yard and begin putting up Christmas lights!

  • Gable roof
  • 4' Fiberglass Door
  • 29 Gauge Metal Siding
  • 4x6 pressure treated runners
  • 3 year manufactor's warranty.
  • Available Sizes:
  • 8x8,8x10,8x12
  • 10x10,10x12,10x14, 10x16
  • 12x12,12x16, 12x20, 12x24
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Geronimo portable buildings offers the best RENT-TO OWN / LEASE-TO-OWN program in NO CREDIT CHECK.


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